A ritual to undo time  

 “I was found and contacted by many of my ex-schoolmates, but apart from exchanging news about our everyday lives, nothing much came of it. But then, a few weeks later, a dear old friend of mine with whom, for several reasons, I had had a falling out eight years ago, found the courage through Facebook to apologize for what she had done and re-connect with me. I would say that’s quite an achievement for a “simple” internet site. My friend and I have started seeing each other again, have cleared up our misunderstandings, and now confide in one another just like we used to eight years ago. Thanks Facebook!”

Thousands of similar stories could be told by Facebook users. This reminds me of the behaviour of an obsessive-compulsive patient described in a book many years ago by Elvio Fachinelli called The frozen arrow and three attempts to undo  time.(continua)