In a little girl’s sentence, the meaning of socialization, and of the quest for earth’s end

Kulusuk, East Greenland. 210 inhabitants, 450 sled dogs, tall icebergs clogging the small harbour.

S., a 6 year old non-Inuit little girl, strolls around with her sister and parents. Nearby, a newborn cries endlessly in a woman’s arms. S.’s mother wonders aloud:  “poor little thing, who knows why he cries so much”. S., thoughtful: “Just born…, he doesn’t know where he is”. The meaning, the adventure, the freedom and the tragedy of socialization condensed into the nutshell of a child’s sentence.

We were born for too long, and we think we know too much about where we are. We depart towards distant lands and exacting last Thules, hoping to know nomore where we are, lost for a short moment, and then we rave about being born again – just for a short moment -, blank slates, travellers with no luggage. At last.

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