Call for paper per un convegno internazionale su Corpo e tecnologia

Il Center for Body, Mind, and Culture ha organizzato un incontro internazionale di 3 gg (24-26 gennaio 2013) su Body and Technology: Instruments of Somaesthetics. Luogo: la Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. 

Le proposte – 250 parole + CV – vanno mandate  via email entro il 1 Ottobre all’organizzatore, Richard Shusterman,

Questa la breve descrizione del tema generale:

The human body is our basic instrument for life, the basis for the creation and use of all our other tools or technologies. As the body has shaped technology, so technology is increasingly reshaping the body: not only by reshaping our bodily habits through which we experience and act in the world but also through the incorporation of prosthetic devices and drug enhancements. Regarding the body as a sensitive sentient soma, rather than as a merely material machine, this conference rethinks the relationship between body and technology, focusing on such topics as human-computer interaction, robotics, medical and fitness technologies, technology and the environment, and technologies of the arts. We welcome papers from the perspectives of both the sciences and the humanities.

Per capire meglio di cosa si occupa il Centro, è utile vedere temi e contenuti dei convegni internazionali precedenti a

Entro l’8 Novembre, i presentatori delle proposte sapranno se sono state accettate.

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